Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Part A
5x5 Front Squats @3211
Rest 2:00

Part B
5 min AMRAP
3 Rounds
10 Burpees
20 RKBS 70/44
Row for Calories

Part C - Core Circuit
100's (below)
10 situps with partner standing on feet
10 situps with feet on partner’s thighs, knees bent at 90°
10 sit-ups with heels on partner’s hips
15 sit-ups with rotation to left. Right elbow across to outside of left knee. Left knee bent with partner pinning down left foot. Right knee splayed open and bottom of right foot anchored by partner to inside of left foot. 
15 sit-ups with rotation to right. Opposite leg configuration.
10 sit-ups with athlete sitting all the way up, then partner aggressively pushes athlete’s shoulders to push them back to the ground. 
Partner walks around and feet are planted on either side of athlete’s head
10 crunches pinning athlete’s shoulders down
20 leg throw downs (pushing athlete’s feet left, right, and Center) athlete’s knees should be locked and they should either just barely touch the ground or not touch the ground with their feet