Newport Strength Training Coach on Nutrition Mindfulness

Today we are discussing mindfulness, what it means, why it’s good, why we need to do it and how it helps us. Coach Sarah Tyler and I were discussing this the other day so I wanted to share some of our thoughts with you.

Mindful eating is eating with intention, eating what we plan to, and being conscious of the food we are putting in our bodies. This is incredibly important when we are trying to eat according to a set amount of macronutrients or calories to fulfill our goals. Logging our food, whether we are writing it down or putting it into My Fitness Pal, or any other app, means you are aware of everything fueling your body. 

It’s very valuable to track our food intake because we take away the mindlessness, like having a handful of snack food here and there. When we eat mindlessly (“not too sure how many calories or grams of fat was in that handful of chips, nuts, or dip”) we will consume WAY more calories than we realize. We can quickly add hundreds of calories by snacking, totally ruining our weight loss plans and if we’re not tracking then we'll put it out of our minds and later wonder why the scale isn’t budging.

We are the only ones who can take control of our habits and have the power to change them! Be mindful with your habits, your eating, your tracking, and how you fuel your body because you are the only one to take care of it!

Weekends are usually the hardest so this weekend I challenge you to be MINDFUL of what you consume. At the very least, if you can’t resist, track exactly what you eat so you know HOW MUCH you eat. And if you can resist, congratulations, you won this weekend! No matter what your challenge is - be mindful of your response.