Personalized attention and programs

One-on-one training

If you prefer or need the individualized attention of a coach working with you through every stage of your workout, personal training will be your best option. Our coaches provide programming and coaching directly in support of your goals, getting you there as quickly and safely as possible. 

When I first met Coach Shalina I was still in a walking boot from a ruptured achilles and in my late 40’s. The search was on for me to find a way to come back and I’d looked at many places that do sports training. Shalina however has a strong background in rehabilitative physical training and described a program that got me excited to get to work. She worked with me to find exercises while still in my boot that challenged me while keeping pressure off my injury. She worked with my PT to make sure the exercises wouldn’t put stress on the injured areas. The workouts kept changing to make it interesting and challenging and she is very supportive and encouraging. I could feel myself get stronger week by week.

When it was time for the boot to come off, Shalina guided me through lifting with good form and with proper care to stress my calf to get it to recover —but without suffering any setbacks. My improvements over the last year have been amazing to me. I am able to run and play with my kids again!

I have no doubt I couldn’t have possibly recovered any faster than I did. I am very thankful for Shalina’s guidance and for the great facility with Chris and Sarah at Newport Strength. I recommend this team for anyone like myself who had to start all over again: you won’t find better.
— Kent B.

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