Redefining the powerlifting experience

SoCal Powerlifting is a powerlifting-specific club that caters to individuals looking to improve their strength. We offer the full powerlifting experience with state-of-the-art competition equipment, and coaching. 


At SoCal Powerlifting we offer different coaching options to match each athlete's individual needs. Our in-house coaching is set up so that each athlete is able to receive a custom program designed to push them toward their set goals. Whether you are looking to increase strength, improve your physique, or compete in powerlifting competitively, there is a coaching option for you.

Online coaching

If you are interested in coaching, but are not in the area, SoCal Powerlifting also offers online coaching. Our 1 on 1 online coaching includes an individualized program designed to fit your specific goals. You have complete access to your coach and can send your training footage daily to receive feedback on the lifts. 

What is powerlifting?

Powerlifting is the training and competition of 3 movements, the deadlift, bench, and back squat. 


Texas Strength Systems Combo Rack
6 Rogue Ohio Power Bars
2 Texas Power Bars
1 Texas Squat Bar
2 Texas Deadlift Bars
3 Deadlift Platforms
2 Full Size Competition Platforms
4 Wall-Mounted Power Cages
2 Rogue Squat Stands
Rogue Trap Bar
2 Safety Squat Bars
Axle Bar
Reverse Hyper
2 Rogue GHD's
Belt Squat Machine
1200kgs of Calibrated Competition Discs
15-120LB Dumbbells
3 Rogue Standard Benches
Adjustable Rogue Incline Bench
Over 2000lbs of Standard LB plates