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Small Group Personal Training

"I've been going since August 2016 and absolutely love it. The small group personal training is like nothing I ever been a part of. This gym gives you all the challenge and fun of CrossFit, but with a really rare focus on technique and pacing. If you're just getting started or want to try something new, this place is perfect." - Ryan W.

"Been going over a year. Excellent coaching. I have a lot of injuries and they work around them all! Highly recommend it!" - Kelly M.

"If you are looking for an amazing place to re-tune your body or simply 'go for it big time' this is the place. You can trust you will be coached by the best trainers in the business and I mean that! Every trainer is 100% qualified to re-shape your body and they do it at your pace. No embarrassing moments, no intimidation despite what condition you walk in the door with. You will find nothing but compassionate and qualified trainers. Give it a shot and you won't be disappointed, instead you will find new friends and new energy. Get started and look great again!" - Marhnelle H.

"I started going to Newport Strength a little over two years ago. I have been an unmotivated middle-aged exerciser who has relied on trainers and cardio to keep in some type of shape. I was never satisfied with the expense, and not so fantastic results. I was looking for something different and Newport Strength provided exactly what I was looking for, and more. Newport Strength has a unique combination of group classes geared especially for women (although they have co-ed classes too), with kind and compassionate trainers, and priced reasonably. Even though I had no idea how to do "CrossFit," both the class members and the Coach were really supportive. Little by little I got better and more coordinated in class. Over the course of the year I also did two four-week "Nutrition Nuts N Bolts" which is a nutrition program that supplements the work outs. All told, since my start at Newport Strength, I have lost over 25 pounds and went from a size ten to a roomy size six in pants. I am also a lot stronger. No one is more surprised at these results then I am. The true bonus is that I have found a safe and comfortable place with supportive coaches and friends that encourage me to work harder every single week." - Rebecca G.

Olympic weightlifting

"If you are looking to learn how to properly perform Olympic lifts... you MUST come into this gym" - Luke T.

"I have mostly been doing CrossFit with periods of pure weightlifting for the past couple of years. I joined this weightlifting club a couple of months ago with my boyfriend and I can truly say that this gym has been such a great experience so far. The first time we lifted there was a little nerve-racking since it was a new gym and everyone looked so much stronger than me! But everyone cheered us on as we did our lifts and encouraged me even though we had just met! The coaches there are super easy to get along with and definitely have a deep understanding of each lift. We signed up for programming 3x/week. The program itself is pretty challenging and I definitely feel like I'm getting stronger already. I look forward to improving my technique and getting stronger from here on out!" - Adria S.

"I was just a recent college grad who wanted to get into weightlifting and had no idea how the process worked. I called some big local weightlifting teams around Southern California and SoCal Weightlifting Club was the only one who called me back and not only gave me the information I needed, but graciously accepted me onto the team. Now I am headed to a U25 National Meet thanks to their help! And don't sweat it if you can't make it out there. They have a killer online program that allows me to train remotely from Riverside. I film all my lifts and send them to Chris and get immediate feedback. If you want to get stronger with a great group of people, this is your gym." - Matt O.

"It's been a great experience working out with the SoCal Weightlifting Club so far! I Olympic lifted throughout college for sports but I haven't had as in-depth coaching on technique before. Chris and Kody know what they are doing and they are willing to work with me on sport specific training as I pursue volleyball. Sarah is awesome at keeping up on communication and managing the whole group. Everyone shows up happy to be in the gym and it's a fun environment to work out in. Everyone is supportive and pushes each other. If your ready to push yourself and get strong this is a place you would want to be!" - Kersti W.


"I have been working with Zack since the beginning of my powerlifting career and it has truly been one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Not only has my total increased over 185 lbs, but my overall knowledge of the sport has increased tremendously as well. Zack is an amazing coach to work with and is great with communication and accommodation. His knowledge and passion for powerlifting is incredibly inspiring and motivating. I am extremely fortunate to be working with a coach as dedicated and motivated as Zack." - Shelby S.

"I was one of Zack Bartell's first clients, and throughout my time with him have seen tremendous progress not only in my own lifting career, but in other clients' as well. He goes through the program with you so that you understand the underlying concepts. He is eager to answer any questions you may have, and has the experience and knowledge to coach lifters of all levels. His programming is intelligent and it is tough, but it is exactly what you need to progress. If you're a lifter looking to invest into a caring and professional coach, then Zack is an excellent choice." - Ron S.

"Since working with Zack, I’ve become a more skilled, powerful, and confident lifter.  We were able to add over 50kg to my total within a few months, thanks to his programming and keen eye for technique enhancement. Outside of the gym, Zack is extremely accessible - I send him daily footage of my training session, and he promptly responds with his thoughts and even adjusts the program if necessary. The individualized attention, knowledge, and experience Zack brings to the table is a game changer for anyone’s athletic career." - Saam A.

Personal training

"'Ruptured Achilles' is not something you want to hear your doctor say after a trip to the hospital for a sports injury, but this is what happened to me. Being in my late 40s, I knew this was going to be a long term setback.  My insurance covered costs for a physical therapist until I was able to regain ‘normal activity’.  But what about guidance from ‘normal’ to ‘fit’?  This is where Shalina really stands out.

When I first met Shalina I was still in a walking boot. The search was on for me to find a way to come back and I’d looked at many places that do sports training.  Shalina however has a strong background in rehabilitative physical training and described a program that got me excited to get to work. She worked with me to find exercises wile still in my boot that challenged me while keeping pressure off my injury.  She worked with my PT to make sure the exercises wouldn’t put stress on the injured areas.  The workouts kept changing to make it interesting and challenging and she is very supportive and encouraging.  I could feel myself get stronger week by week.

When it was time for the boot to come off, Shalina guided me through lifting with good form and with proper care to stress my calf to get it to recover —but without suffering any setbacks.  My improvements over the last year have been amazing to me.  I am able to run and play with my kids again!

I have no doubt I couldn’t have possibly recovered any faster than I did. I am very thankful for Shalina’s guidance and for the great facility with Chris and Sarah at Newport Strength.  I recommend this team for anyone like myself who had to start all over again: you won’t find better." - Kent B.