semi-private Training

At Newport Strength, everyone has a specific reason for being here. We start by identifying the individual goals of our Newport Beach clients. Our main objective is to help our Semi-Private Training clients see the results they want. Whatever your goals, we will work with you to create a solid plan of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle to get you there.

Our hour-long small group training classes cap at 10 participants and include a warm-up, strength and/or skill work, then a workout. Always led by a certified instructor, you will be guaranteed a great workout by just showing up. Come ready to sweat, get strong, and have fun!

Women's-only classes

We understand that some women are more comfortable training in a women's-only environment. That's why we have morning classes that are coached by women and include only woman. If this is more your forte, let us know!

build your own bootcamp

If you have a group of friends (2 or more) who are interested in getting together to workout but aren't sure where to go, contact us about building out your own bootcamp!

Some options you can choose for your group:

  • How many days/week would you like to work out?

  • How many weeks would you like your program to go for?

  • What time do you want to work out?

  • Do you want a male or female instructor?

  • How long would you like the sessions to be?

  • What would you like the focus of your sessions to be? (Strength training, cardio, stretching/mobility, or a mix)

Who is this good for?

  • Friends who want to get together to workout.

  • New Mom's who need somewhere they can workout and have their baby in a stroller/car seat near them.

  • Coworkers who work nearby and need some accountability.

  • Parents who want to workout with their kids but are unable to find age-appropriate classes for everyone.

I had to take a couple months off from Newport Strength recently and thought 24 Hour Fitness would suffice. While that is great gym for what they are, they are not Newport Strength. I couldn’t get back to Newport Strength fast enough. I missed walking in and having people be happy to see me. I missed the accountability, the fun, the camaraderie, the excellent coaching and the special programs. This gym is truly unique and special...they care about each and every member! I highly recommend it!
— Kristin Roegner, Client for over 3 years


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