Shalina Truglio

Shalina received her Bachelors Degree in Athletic Training and went on to work at the high school level for six years, preventing, evaluating, and treating a wide range of athletic injuries across all sports and levels. She also worked for three years in a physical therapy clinic working with serious athlete, weekend warriors, and the average Joe. In the middle of all this, Shalina obtained her Masters Degree in Corrective Exercise Science. She has a passion for studying body mechanics and improving the form and technique of her clients by either immediate cueing or an in-depth treatment plan to correct muscle imbalances within movement patterns.

Shalina has an eye for detail, mechanics, and injury prevention through proper movement. She has a huge belief in all that lifting weights and pushing the body can do for the inner strength and confidence of a client and loves to share her passion with her athletes.

Shalina remains a Certified Athletic Trainer, is a Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, and has her CrossFit L1 Certificate. She is a personal trainer, small group personal trainer, and provides individualized programming to clients who have seen a decrease in pain, improvement in stability, and increase in flexibility.

Shalina can be reached at