chris amenta
Owner | High performance director

Like many coaches, Chris’ life has revolved around sport and fitness. A soccer player through high school, Chris found himself immersed in CrossFit to maintain fitness. After getting hospitalized from rhabdomyolysis, Chris turned to Weightlifting to gain strength back and immersed himself in the sport, eventually founding SoCal Weightlifting.

Sarah Tyler
Kody Robison

Sarah Tyler
lead fitness coach

Sarah’s life has been an incredibly transformation, from very overweight, to the strong, confident coach she is today. After the birth of Sarah’s first child she started to work with a personal trainer and lost over 100lbs! It was then she found her passion and desire to help people and give them the tools to be successful in their health and fitness journey. Sarah received her USA Weightlifting L1 and CFL1 Trainer certifications in 2016, and continues to further her trainer education. Since then she has been a personal trainer and coached group fitness classes, CrossFit, and helped numerous individuals to their nutrition and weight goals. She has been a competitive athlete on SoCal’s Olympic Weightlifting team since April 2017 and is currently ranked #2 in the nation and #3 in the world! As well as being an incredible force in the gym, Sarah is a wife and a mother of 3 boys.

spencer troutman
GM | Olympic weightlifting coach

Spencer played baseball throughout high school and was an all state pitcher his junior and senior year setting the records for strikeouts and wins in his league. Spencer went on to play at Azusa Pacific before injuring his arm during his freshman year. He moved on to play rugby all four years at college and found that weightlifting helped improve his performance on the field. He found SoCal as an athlete in 2014 and studied under Chris and Kody until becoming a coach in early 2018 and made the transition to full time employee late last year.


kody robison
director of training | Olympic weightlifting coach

Kody Robison played football and was a thrower in high school where he was an all league defensive end and punter as well as a 2 time state finalist in the shot put. He learned how effective Olympic Weightlifting improved his performance and made it a staple in his training early on. Kody was was inducted into his high school Weightlifting hall of fame.


Sarah smith
Owner | FITNESS Coach

Sarah grew up on the west coast of Canada playing competitive ice hockey. She got into CrossFit in 2007 by using it as her off-ice training regimen in the summers of high school. Sarah went to Concordia University - Wisconsin on a ice hockey scholarship but after living away from home for 3 years, at the age of 18, she moved back to Victoria where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Sport & Fitness Leadership. After her undergraduate degree she moved to California where she completed her Master’s Degree in Sport Management, eventually partnering with Chris at Newport Strength.


Administrative assistant

Lucy joined our weightlifting team in 2017 after years of Crossfit and found a passion for the sport. Fitness played an important role in her life, so she got NASM certified and coached group fitness and personal clients while working on her degree in Psychology. She received her USAW L1 certification and continues to learn more about Weightlifting. She is passionate about sharing everything the sport has done for her.


shalina truglio
fitness programmer

Shalina received her Bachelors Degree in Athletic Training and went on to work at the high school level for six years, preventing, evaluating, and treating a wide range of athletic injuries across all sports and levels. She also worked for three years in a physical therapy clinic working with serious athlete, weekend warriors, and the average Joe.